portable gsm 3g 4g mobile wifi gps jammer

To meet the severe shielding in and out of prisons without interference. School short - term signal shielding can be used to temporarily place high - quality, low - power portable cell phone jammer and antennas. For uplink interference, the GPS interference is generated by the base station network and the uplink link movement of the interference signal in the frequency band.

Can obtain CDMA transmission signal, direct or GSM reception sensitivity. Select the area that blocks the cellular signal and place the cutter on the table or wall of the area. We will introduce signal jammers for portable cellular phones with special requirements for domestic and international security and confidentiality.

In order to continue to develop communication standards, the third-generation 3G mobile signal jammer has been well developed according to the actual situation of foreign mobile communication. After installation, open the isolation switch and turn on the power switch for wifi interference. I lost the base station signal. Neither the called party nor the called party can make calls.

GSM mobile phone frequency is 900 MHz / 1800 MHz, CDMA is 800 MHz, PHS is 1900 MHz. wifi jammer usually results in four frequency bands of frequency interference. Portable jammers are powered by electromagnetic signals that radiate into the working band of mobile phones across the country and block communications only from mobile phones.

Turn off the GPS only you can also use with GPS tracking interference. Because the call wave needs to reach the base station, it has the corresponding strength. We are receiving signals from the base station to confirm the location even during the non-voice period. This order of magnitude is lower than the call wave, and it can interfere with weak radio waves. Device portable signal jammer, the block of communication between the mobile station and the base station that causes interference to be sold at low cost. One way to solve GPS interference is to use different navigation systems.

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