How do you define success?

Some things to measure:
  • The measurement of achievement - Setting and achieving goals such as sales, products, attendance, and other measurable outcomes.
  • The measurement of engagement - Discerning if your team members, customers, and stakeholders are connected and engaged with their passion, and not just marking time.
  • The measurement of harmony - Some leaders want to avoid conflict so much that they create an artificial high with happiness to create harmony. Conflict is the sign of energy and creativity. In music, there is consonance and dissonance. There is harmonic rhythm, in addition to the rhythm of the notes. Tension and resolution is a pattern of life. Embrace it.
  • The measurement of profit - Getting the sale and making money is certainly the point of being in business. It's not the only point. Focus on bringing value and serving clients. You will attract money if you have value and learn how to describe that value.
  • The measurement of life - Are you happy? Are you enjoying life and business? If the businesses is not robbing your joy, that's a good sign, however, there's more to it. Define what you want in life, and then make it happen.

How do you define success?

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