Strategies for Balance and Wholeness

Success in creating a balanced life is an elusive goal. It is also a worthy goal. It is not worthy if it makes you crazy or creates stress because you cannot achieve perfection. If perfection is your goal, there may never be a celebration for that goal!

Strive to improve. Don’t try to be perfect. Grant grace to yourself and to others. Don’t pretend to yourself that you can be perfect. Others can see through that mask and will not respect you if you are too driven toward perfection. Having said that, there is always room for improvement.


It is important to note that you don’t always attract what you want. You attract what you are like. So be what you want, and think positively about what you want, and it will be attracted to you.


In that light, striving for balance and wholeness in life is certainly a worthy goal. Balance will come to you as you seek it. Think positively about it and give value to it. Be intentional about planning for balance.


Balance is not just meeting your calendar requirements or accomplishing your primary goals; it is being who you want to be and loving it! Love being a person who enjoys the fellowship of friends and family. Love being a person who gives to others on a regular basis. Love being a person who cares about others.


Balance is about being the best you can be. Balance is knowing that you are on a journey and that you never arrive at a destination. You are continuing to grow and flourish until the day you die.


Know when you reach balance and know when you can do better. Be aware that it’s okay to be out of balance because life has rhythms that come and go. Sometimes there are sliding priorities that need your attention and deserve your energy. Sometimes they command your total energy. Realize that life is full of adventure, full of challenges and full of inconsistency.

Rejoice in creation. Be true to who you are and love it.

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