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Engaging Followers

I think, for sure, that leaders need to be able to listen well. I'm always suspicious of a leader who has great clarity but doesn't really listen and all he wants to do is bulldoze everybody else - and get his vision accomplished.

And I think it's really critically important to be able to listen to other people, to be able to pick up on the nuances of what they may be sharing because they may be seeing things that you don't see, or that you're not aware of - or you don't have the experience to really apprehend.

So I think as a fundamental skill as a leader, you've got to be able to listen, be able to hear people. And even if, ultimately, you decide to go another direction, or slightly different direction, it's really important that people feel that they've been heard, that they've had the chance to contribute to the vision. That makes it much easier for them to own it. So, I think listening is a huge issue.

As you know, some believe in the gift of tongues, some don't believe in it. But regardless, we should all believe in the gift of the ears. That's what really counts.

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- Michael Hyatt

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